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Case Studies

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“Off Grid” Net Zero Water at Birch Case Study House
Bellingham Affordable Net Zero Home
Bullitt Center the first Mass Timber Building in Seattle in 80 years
C406 Commercial Efficiency Options in 2015 Washington Energy Code!*
CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater in Madrona Passive House
Commercial Composting Toilet at Lewis & Clark College
Commercial Potable Rainwater System at Brock Environmental Center
Composting Toilets at the Six-Story Bullitt Center
Continuous Mineral Wool Insulation-Blakeley Manor
Courtyard Lid over Parking at Marion Green Courtyard Townhomes
Crushed Glass Fill at Little Rock Housing Project
Crushed Glass Structural Fill at West Bay Business Park
Data 1 Building Diverts Toxic Stormwater from State Highway 99
Density Bonus for Solar-Powered Grow Community, Bainbridge, WA
Emerald Star Home is Net-Positive Energy in Seattle, WA
Ensley Street Strawbale ADU
Extended Eave w/ Sprinkler Protection at Ankeny Row*
Fire Safety in 8-storey CLT Wood Innovation Design Centre
Graywater Reuse in the Apartments at Bud Clark Commons
Graywater Reuse to Irrigate a Living Wall at Bertschi School
Green Stormwater Park in Small Beachside Town Manchester, WA
Greywater Treatment & Infiltration at the Bullitt Center
Ground source heat pump at 21 Acres Farm
GRuB Farmhouse Zoning Case Study
Harvesting Rain to Drink at Bacon-Brenes Home spurred New Codes
Highest-Efficiency HRV without UL Listing for Futurefit Home
Historic Homes recycled for Affordable Housing in Friday Harbor
Human Waste Treatment and Water Reuse at Hassalo on Eighth
Hybrid Wetpond/Wetland at Yauger Park LID Stormwater Facility
Inspire Apartments Living Building in Seattle, WA
Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation with HRV at Ankeny Row
Lyon Creek Flood Mitigation Project Restores Salmon Habitat in Lake Forest Park
McGilvra “Living Park” at the Bullitt Center in Seattle
Methane CoGen System – District Energy at LOTT Building*
Net Zero Water, Net Zero Energy Full Plane Passive House in Portland
Nickelsville Homeless Encampment approved through Seattle Interim Use Policy
Pax Futura
Permeable ICF wall system at GRuB Education Center
Photovoltaic Roof Mounted Array at Washington Middle School
Pin foundations for Low Impact-Clearwater Commons
Plumbing Air Admittance Valves at FutureFit Home
Plywood-over-Foam “Martha Wall” at City Cabins® Homes
Porous Asphalt at Yauger Park LID Stormwater Facility
Portable Bio Retention Planters at Port of Seattle
Positive Impact Development at Clearwater Commons
Rainwater Harvesting for Potable Use at the Bertschi School
Sanden CO2 Refrigerant Heat Pump Water Heater at FutureFit Home
Sandoval Masonry Heater
Seattle “C-Box” Backyard Cottage from a Shipping Container
Seattle’s Hope Church gets 100% Rainwise Rebate for Cisterns
Solar Canopy at The Bullitt Center
State-approved vs. Site-built Composting Toilet in Birch House
Straw/Clay Insulation and Permeable wall system at Port Townsend Ecovillage
Structural Insulated Panels as a Roof at Far Reach Home
Structural Strength of 8-Storey CLT Wood Innovation Design Centre
Subsidized Housing in a Light Industrial Zone at Quixote Village!
Super Insulated Earth at Calliope Farm in Olympia WA
Supply Laundry Historic Retrofit via Outcome-Based Energy Code
Thermal Break Shear Wall at Sage Green
Tiny Home OM Village Portable Shelters in Madison, WI
Transitional Micro-Housing at Opportunity Village Eugene
Undersized heating system at North Passive House
Undersized Heating System with DHP & HRV at Far Reach Home
Washington Middle School Rain Water Harvesting
Yobi Micro-Apartments maybe the last Congregate Housing allowed in Seattle