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CodeInnovations.org is a resource for code officials, the building industry and the public to share information about successfully permitted projects and evolving green codes.  Search by category, keyword or building type to find information on the latest innovations!

The Database contains several types of research and other information, including:

  • In-depth case studies on successfully permitted sustainable methods in residential, commercial, public works and other phases of construction & development.  This research is conducted by volunteer innovators, interns and emerging professionals, and published by our Principal Investigator, using a methodology described by our Case Study Research Guide, Annotated Format Template, and Informant Review Process.
  • Analysis of evolving green codes.  Currently this includes a detailed listing of Innovative Green Codes, as well as articles and analysis published in the Code Innovations Blog.  We have plans to create templates for, and populate two additional content types:  1) in-depth case studies on the development and adoption of Innovative Codes; 2) in-depth case studies on local, regional and national Code Collaboratives & Initiatives.
  • Resource Room with educational curriculum, trainings & research tools about innovative sustainable building and code compliance.  This includes a curriculum for Case Study Research & Education, designed to be implemented in conjunction with existing academic programs offering real-world experiential education in sustainable design, public administration, environmental and other advanced fields.  Volunteer research projects and internships are available.


Code Innovations Database User Guide, Version 1.0

Background on work with Thurston County

Many EcoBuilding Guild and OMB members will remember the Green Development stakeholder process convened by Thurston County in 2009. One idea that rose to the top was to create a database of green building techniques to help builders and code officials share information about innovative techniques.