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Research Room

Exploring the Evolution of Building Codes:  Learning, Teaching and Publishing Research

The Code Innovations Database exists to empower us to share information and learn about successfully permitted green & high-performance building practices, making it easier to build green!  This section contains educational resources and training materials that support our collaborative research into code innovations, in order to publish high-quality case studies and other research content.

We conduct our research in 3 ways. Click a link to find the information most helpful to you:

  1. We collaborate with BUILDERS to write Case Studies about their own projects.
  2. We work with INTERNS and EMERGING PROFESSIONALS to write Case Studies on other people’s projects, and to study code innovations.
  3. Collaborate with ACADEMIC PROGRAMS to produce case studies and teach code innovations.

No matter which of the three methods we are using, we also:

  • Collaborate with PUBLIC AGENCIES and CODE OFFICIALS to acquire public records, analyze compliance methods, and review draft case studies
  • Collaborate with PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS to conduct research and review draft case studies
  • Provide mentorship opportunities for SUSTAINABILITY PROFESSIONALS to support EMERGING GREEN BUILDERS (i.e. students, aspiring innovators, etc) in collaborative learning and research.

Finally, our site provides Educational Resources for Learning about Building Codes and Code Innovations, including: