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Case Studies – Site & Stormwater

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  • Bioretention Areas: Wetlands
  • Cisterns to attenuate peak storm flows
  • Comprehensive LID Strategy
  • Diversion of Stormwater from Public Highway
  • Greywater Infiltration in the Public Right-of-Way
  • Natural Organic Recycling Machine
  • Net-Zero Water
  • Pin Foundations
  • Porous Pavement
  • Portable Biorentention Planters
  • Public-private partnership for urban open space
  • Rainwater harvesting for potable use
  • Reuse historic homes transported over water
  • Salmon habitat improvement in a shopping center
  • Scaled filterra tree box design
  • Wetponds
“Off Grid” Net Zero Water at Birch Case Study House
Data 1 Building Diverts Toxic Stormwater from State Highway 99
Green Stormwater Park in Small Beachside Town Manchester, WA
Greywater Treatment & Infiltration at the Bullitt Center
Harvesting Rain to Drink at Bacon-Brenes Home spurred New Codes
Historic Homes recycled for Affordable Housing in Friday Harbor
Human Waste Treatment and Water Reuse at Hassalo on Eighth
Hybrid Wetpond/Wetland at Yauger Park LID Stormwater Facility
Lyon Creek Flood Mitigation Project Restores Salmon Habitat in Lake Forest Park
McGilvra “Living Park” at the Bullitt Center in Seattle
Net Zero Water, Net Zero Energy Full Plane Passive House in Portland
Pin foundations for Low Impact-Clearwater Commons
Porous Asphalt at Yauger Park LID Stormwater Facility
Portable Bio Retention Planters at Port of Seattle
Positive Impact Development at Clearwater Commons
Rainwater Harvesting for Potable Use at the Bertschi School
Seattle’s Hope Church gets 100% Rainwise Rebate for Cisterns