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Case Studies – Materials

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  • Cork Insulation
  • Cross Laminated Timber
  • Extended Eave for Passive Solar
  • Glass Cullet as Alternative Structural Fill
  • Knife Plate Anchor for Shipping Container
  • Light Straw Clay
  • Reuse historic homes transported over water
  • Straw/Clay insulation system
  • Tall Wood Building
Bullitt Center the first Mass Timber Building in Seattle in 80 years
Crushed Glass Structural Fill at West Bay Business Park
Extended Eave w/ Sprinkler Protection at Ankeny Row*
Fire Safety in 8-storey CLT Wood Innovation Design Centre
Historic Homes recycled for Affordable Housing in Friday Harbor
Seattle “C-Box” Backyard Cottage from a Shipping Container
Straw/Clay Insulation and Permeable wall system at Port Townsend Ecovillage
Structural Strength of 8-Storey CLT Wood Innovation Design Centre
Super Insulated Earth at Calliope Farm in Olympia WA