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Code Innovations Partnership

The Code Innovations Partnership is a regional collaborative effort to reduce code barriers to green building, high-performance design and technology, and other code innovations.

Pacific Northwest Cities and Counties are invited to become Founding or Supporting Partners in this unique and timely partnership, and be forever recognized as one of the founding cities, counties and organizations who helped create it. Download our 2-page Partnership Prospectus.


To become a Founding Partner, your City or County will make a financial commitment for a one-time investment in the project, and commit to an annual fee for at least 3 years.  Founding Partner / Membership levels are as follows:

SMALL CITIES up to 25k population
founding fee $1,000 and up
plus 3-year contract $250/year
MEDIUM CITIES up to 85k population
founding fee $5,000 and up
plus 3-year contract $500/year
founding fee $10,000 and up
plus 3-year contract $1,000/year


Organizations and individuals are invited to become Supporting Partners by contributing to the Code Innovations Database project.

Professional Partnership $120/year
Small Org up to 25k pop/5 employees $250/year
Medium Org up to 85k pop/10 employees $500/year
Large Org $1,000/year
  • Professional membership in the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild*
  • In addition to using free public access information, you will have access to premium content (will soon be available by subscription only)
  • You will also receive quarterly report highlighting progress and accomplishments, an index of new case studies, green codes and initiatives, plus insightful analysis by our consultants and contributors.
  • Free attendance at any Code Innovations workshop or training (a $45/person value).
  • Customized case study. Research will be conducted and produced for you by our consultants, students and volunteer researchers. See examples of case studies we’ve already conducted, where we’ve documented:
    • Applicable codes and compliance paths for innovative designs, materials, and technology.
    • Samples of supporting documents (submittals, reports, designs and specs).
    • Resources and contacts for even more information related to each project.
Benefits of Being a Founding Member