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Bellingham Affordable Net Zero Home

The Bellingham Affordable Net-Positive Home is a new 2 bedroom home with a Built Green certification rating of 5 stars. The building is currently housing its original residents and has reliably provided enough power to allow them to live independent of the public power grid. Energy efficient Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) construction required a special inspection process to meet code.

“Off Grid” Net Zero Water at Birch Case Study House

This groundbreaking project is the vision of innovative designer Dan Welch of [bundle] design studio in Bellingham, Washington.  Welch designed and built his own home as a case study to validate principles of the Living Building Challenge (LBC), and achieve an “off-grid” Net-Zero Water home.  He and his family now use purified rainwater for all uses and treat all their wastewater on-site, approved through progressive local & state green building codes that allowed him to legally decline City water/sewer hookups.