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“Off Grid” Net Zero Water at Birch Case Study House

This groundbreaking project is the vision of innovative designer Dan Welch of [bundle] design studio in Bellingham, Washington.  Welch designed and built his own home as a case study to validate principles of the Living Building Challenge (LBC), and achieve an “off-grid” Net-Zero Water home.  He and his family now use purified rainwater for all uses and treat all their wastewater on-site, approved through progressive local & state green building codes that allowed him to legally decline City water/sewer hookups.

Net Zero Water, Net Zero Energy Full Plane Passive House in Portland

The Full Plane Passive House gives modern form and presence to the owner’s ecological and social values, while providing a playful environment for her son to grow and be educated in sustainable living in the City.  To meet net-zero water goals she combined stormwater catchment, graywater irrigation for her living landscape and composting toilets.  It all complied with Oregon’s statewide alternative water re-use plumbing rules adopted a decade before many other US Cities even considered it.