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Questions & Prompts

  1. Who is the Building Owner?
  2. What Type of Building?
  3. Maximum or Current Number of Occupants?
  4. Type of Project?
  5. Square Footage of Building?
  6. Ratings or Awards?
  7. Who designed the Project?
  8. What were the considerations included in the design? How many designs were there?
  9. Has the project been built?  If so Who built the Project?
  10. How is it built?
  11. Who approved the Project? Include City building official, plan reviewer, inspector’s names & contact info
  12. What agencies or offices oversaw the Project? Who was involved?
  13. What code requirements did the Project have to meet to get approved?
  14. What are the prescriptive or performance-based requirements applicable (please include local Code or ICC code sections and if possible web-link URL).
  15. What if any aspect of the project was not covered by the existing building codes at the time of approval?
  16. Please describe any non-prescriptive permitting process required to get approval / permit
  17. If the project followed a prescriptive path what were the codes applied to approve it?  Do you have the code language, or know where to find it on the web (link URL), or publication citation?
  18. Was the design of the project familiar or unfamiliar to the code official?
  19. If it was “familiar” what was the educational process the code official(s) went through to know about this type of design?
  20. Do you have any correspondence or documentation from the Jurisdiction explaining how it was approved?  Or know the case/permit # on file with the City?
  21. What was the design/build processs like? Did that help facilitate ease of compliance or detract from it?
  22. What Product Safety Ratings or other standards were required or included?
  23. How was an existing code interpreted to accommodate the Project?
  24. Are there any supporting drawings, designs, photos, memos, or permits that add to the Project narrative?
  25. Has the Project been updated since initial construction?  Any new performance data available?
  26. How long did the Project take to complete?
  27. How much did the Project cost to design, build, operate?
  28. How much land, water and energy are used?
  29. What is the expected Return on Investment (ROI) or payback analysis?
  30. Why was the Project included/built? What was the intention behind it?
  31. How has the Project benefitted the owner/builder?
  32. How has the Project benefitted the site/building?
  33. What problems or issues are associated with the Project?
  34. What has been done to overcome these problems?
  35. May this information be published?
  36. Is there any information you’d prefer left omitted?