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Hey Check it Out!!  We now publish Policy Profiles. These are detailed case studies on specific codes, policies and incentives formally adopted by one or more jurisdictions.  They provide an in-depth look into the who, why, and how of innovative policy solutions that we’d like to see adopted in more places.

Policy Profiles are positioning the Code Innovations Database to serve as a platform for advocacy, designed to empower the efforts of innovative advocates, builders and code officials, by documenting sensible sustainable policy solutions that make it easier to build green.

We have published 15 Policy Profiles so far:

The Latest!  Brussels Belgium Exemplary Buildings Program + Passive House Law of 2011

2015 Passive House Tax Credit by Pennsylvania Housing Agency

Tacoma Work/Live Code for Historic Redevelopment

Seattle Goes Deep Green with Living Building Pilot Ordinance

2016 Housing Design Demonstration Policy, Bainbridge Island, WA

2009 EcoDensity Initiative for accessory dwellings in Vancouver BC

Planned Development District: Innovative Land-Use code, Madison WI

2017 Oregon Code Amendment for Ductless Range Hood

Section C406 Commercial Efficiency Options in 2015 Washington Energy Code

2008 Indoor Graywater Reuse Policies in Oregon

2011 Outdoor Graywater Reuse Policies in Oregon

2005 Rainwater Harvesting Manual reduces potable water use in Tucson, AZ

2014 EcoToilet Incentive in Falmouth Massachusetts

2005 ASTM Standard E2392 for Earthen Wall Systems

2018 Tiny Houses Appendix Q in International Residential Code

Also New! Advocacy Initiative Profiles:

International Plumbing Code as alternative code in Washington

Composting Toilet State Pilot Research Project in Tucson, Arizona