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Suggested Readings

The following citations are part of the Syllabus for Code Innovations Research & Education curriculum

  1. AIA Introduction to Codes and Standards – American Institute of Architects published this useful report; Read it for a concise, insightful overview of codes and how codes are “going green.”
  2. Online Code Environment and Advocacy Network – Research Topics – more succinct, thoughtful reading on how Codes are developed, adopted, implemented, enforced, as well as how code officials are trained and more.
  3. International Code Council – Model Codes – to understand the basic purpose of the ICC model codes “iCode Set” – read these sections
  4. Code Innovations and Why they are Important:
  5. Sections of this Website:
    • Innovative Green Codes: a listing of significant green code advancements around the United States, with links to the codes and other locations
    • Codes and Standards: a listing of organizations involved in developing and implementing model codes and standards